The Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International (HOBGI) was founded in 1906 by a group of insurance field men who were trapped by cold rainy weather at an annual Fieldmen’s club meeting in Green Lake, WI.

As an idea to pass the time, the designated a fraternal lodge complete with special titles for officers.  The name of the Order was selected in commemoration of a tavern frequented by the make student body of the University of Wisconsin.

From these inauspicious beginnings sprang an international organization with a membership of approximately 10,000.  Blue Goose members represent all aspects of the insurance industry, and strive to maintain a strong sense of fellowship.

The Virginia Pond was initiated in May 1907, one year after the origination of the Blue Goose.  In 2007, the Richmond based Pond expanded its membership by sponnsoring a Puddle in Tidewater, Virginia.  The Pond expanded its membership again in 2013 with the addition of the NoVA Puddle.


The primary goal of the Order so to promote character, charity and fellowship among its members.  These objectives are manifest in a number of ways.  Each chapter is called a Pond and helps to support local charities of its choice.  Some Ponds have groups in remote locations, called Puddles.  The international organization is called the Grand Nest and can provide matching funds for worthwhile projects.

In installing the objective qualities in the membership, the Order emulates the attributes observed in the Canadian Blue Goose –  compassion, loyalty and bravery.


Our Honorable Order is open to members of the insurance industry, including property, casualty and life companies, their agents adn service providers.  This is one of the strengths of the Blue Goose.  It is the only fraternal organization comprised of members from a broad spectrum of the insurance industry.  We meet regularly for fellowship in a friendly, enjoyable and relaxed social setting.  Members of the Order are called Ganders, regardless of their gender.  Goslings (applicants) are initiated into the ways of the Order through a ceremony penned by our founding fathers in 1906.  A Gander becomes a ‘life member’ with 25 years of continuous paid membership, at which time he/she no longer pays dues.

Please contact one of our Officers to find out more about the organization, or to join us for one of our meetings or events.


Each Pond has six (6) elected officers:

  • The Most Loyal Gander functions as the President.
  • The Supervisor of the Flock functions as the Vice President and stands in for the Most Loyal Gander.
  • The Custodian of the Goslings acts like a second Vice President in charge of membership.
  • The Guardian of the Pond functions as the Sergeant of Arms .
  • The Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg functions as the Treasurer.
  • The Wielder of the Goose Quill functions as the Secretary.

Puddle officers bear similar titles as those in the Pond: Loyal Gander, Puddle Supervisor, Puddle Wielder, Puddle Guardian.

Grand Nest, or International, Officers bear the same titles as those in the Pond, except that the prefix “Grand” is used to distinguish the high degree of achievement.